The two biggest New Year's resolutions for people are always to make more money and/or to lose weight. Is losing weight a part of your fitness goal for the New Year? Have you mapped out a plan yet on how you're going to reach your fitness goal? What would motivate you this time to stick through thick and thin to accomplish this goal?
The other day, I was listening to the great Bob Proctor in a YouTube seminar, one thing he said (being the great teacher that he is) stroke me like lightning. He said that - I'm paraphrasing here- if you are trying to lose weight you will not succeed or you will always gain it back because the way the mind is set is if you lose something, its job is to condition itself to get it back. In order word, after you "lose" weight or anything else for that matter, the mind subconsciously will go to work to sabotage your weight lost result.
To step into your fitness goal in 2013, you have to root for the cause and effect of your overhaul physical health according to the results you've getting thus far. Meaning to say that the reason why you gained weight is not the food in itself but your perception and belief behind the way you consume food and your understanding about exercises.
Most people when they want to "lose weigh" go on crash diets or try all kind of programs (which by the way are ingenious because of the science and hard work behind creating them) that never work for them. The reason why they fail over and over until they give up altogether is because, again, they try to treat the effect not the root cause.
You gain weigh primarily because of your belief about food. If you see food as something comforting that you entertain compare to a TV pastime or something to compensate yourself as a replacement to certain lack, you will gain weight. If you see exercise as a burden that you resist and disgust, or if you see gaining weight as an inevitable part of aging, you will always be out of shape and away from your fitness goal.
Your perception and your belief about any area of your life will always manifest accordingly and will always produce the same exact results until you go through some changes. Therefore, your belief about diet and exercises will show up in your life in the form of you being overweight, obese or you as a fitness specimen.
The first thing to do is to find out where your beliefs about food and exercise stand. Do you believe that the primary role of food in your diet is to refuel your energy level to enable you to go about your habitual physical and mental productivity and should be consumed in moderation? Or do you see food as something you can indulge in at anytime you want and thinking that it won't have any relevance to your overhaul health?
Do you look at your daily physical activities as a chore or do you pick a form of exercise that you like which automatically put you in the likelihood of keeping it up because you enjoy doing it? Do you believe that being overweight or obese can cause you your life leaving your loved ones with unnecessary suffering?
The key to the attainment of your fitness goal this year is to first ask yourself what are your beliefs about fitness and exercise. Do you believe that being obese can cost you your life? (Hint: it can and it does every day)-It all comes down to your belief system-. Then go to work on upgrading those beliefs through massive exposures with people and program with the type of mental conditioning that will help you make the switch. Apply the old adage: "eat to live, not live to eat". Happy New Year 2013!
What you believe creates your result.

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