Following is a condensed guide of what to expect from the truths of why you should lose excess weight right now!
Imagine yourself in a years' time from now, will you have achieved what has been on your mind for months and possibly even years, (which is to lose weight) or are you just a dreamer and suffering the same painful thinking of losing the excess weight day after day without ever committing yourself to take action?
The Truth about being overweight and the probable consequences that could develop are as follows:
* High risk of developing heart disease
* High Cholesterol
* Diabetes
* Joint damage and joint pain
* Lack and loss of concentration
* High blood pressure
* Having a Stroke * Low libido, inability to have a normal relationship with your spouse
* Organ failure
* Accelerated aging
* Premature death

These are only a few of the problems you are faced with should you choose not take the necessary steps to overcoming your weight loss situation.
The Truth to losing weight starts by:
1) Changing your way of thinking
2) Setting realistic goals
3) Getting professional help and advice
4) Sticking to a well formulated diet and exercise plan.
5) Seriously following what you have learned
6) Understanding why you should lose weight
Change your way of thinking by telling someone you trust that you are going to lose weight, regain your health and become the envy of others who are also overweight. Approach someone who would like to regain their perfect weight by joining you in your quest to become slim and more importantly, healthy.
Tell your family what you intend to do and ask for their support with the end goal being to get every one of the family to start living according to your healthy dietary methods.
Write down your goals of how, when and why you are going to achieve the weight you desire.
If you haven't had a thorough check-up done by your doctor, do so and ask for a report on your blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar-levels or glycemic index, your BMI (body mass index), a measure of your waistline and tell the doctor of your intention to lose weight.
Ask the doctor to explain what all the readings and results of his report on your present body function means.
Your diet is not going to be about cutting down your food intake, but re-planning the way you prepare your food, the way it is cooked as well as what you eat.
You are going to start eating more healthy food in ways which you never knew existed and you'll really enjoy them. Once your weight loss plan has been devised, you have to take action and stick to the plan.
You will wonder how you ever allowed yourself and possibly the whole family to eat the way you did in the past once you start to feel energized and free of pain.
Now, the part which most overweight people avoid is exercise.
The truth is that exercise and diet go hand in hand to achieve the best results. This is a fact, so accept it and start your exercise routine now.
Because you have committed yourself to reach your weight loss goal and by being shocked into the reality of what could happen to you through continuous bad habits, you are to take the statistics of inferior health seriously.
You should be quite clear in your mind by now why it is of utmost importance to lose the excess weight and to regain a healthy lifestyle.
Apply these simple truths to lose weight and begin to live again.
If you are not sure where to get the necessary assistance and know how to lose weight as well as losing fat, get to the truth here.
The real weight loss truth starts here: Give me the Truth

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