To lose weight fast is a big concern and issue in today's world for many people, particularly in western countries where food and drink is abundant. We put on weight through a combination of overeating, the wrong type of diet, and not exercising regularly. In general, if there are one hundred people who want to achieve weight loss, only five percent achieve it while the remaining ninety-five percent fail. Let's go into more details about why most people fail. I'm going to discuss some of the reasons here.
We do not Choose the Right Type of Diet to Lose Weight Fast
The right type of diet to lose weight fast means cutting back on junk food, heavy food, fattening food, and snacks and reducing portion sizes. For most of us this is not something that is easy to do, and it presents a great challenge if one loves to eat. The best diet involves eating small portions of food throughout the day, and drinking lots of water. At least two liters each day is recommended. In this way you can encourage fast weight loss while ensuring your own wellness and good health.
We do not Undertake Regular Exercise or it is the Wrong Type of Training Progr
When you combine the right type of diet with regular exercise, this maximizes your body's ability to lose weight fast and to eventually get the results that you want to achieve. In terms of regular exercise, I am talking about doing physical exercise not less than three to six times a week.
You should be able to lose two pounds of body fat or more each week. Most people have particular areas of their body they are not happy with and want to lose weight from. If you are on a good diet plan and are exercising regularly, and yet you are not losing weight on a weekly basis around those problem areas of your body, then you may not be using the right type of training program.
This is important because, of course, physical exercise encompasses a variety of methods and levels of exertion. For fast weight loss, it needs to be a combination of high intensity and low intensity exercise. With the high intensity type you are putting in towards the maximum effort you can manage. That is the type of exercise that really burns and strips off body fat. Low intensity is when you work at half this rate.
We Lack Discipline
It's easy to start a new diet and take up a new exercise program. The key is doing it in a consistent, disciplined and focused way. That's where most fail. In order to succeed, we must have very strong, compelling reasons to stick to a good diet and exercise plan.
Find those strong, compelling reasons, take action, stick to your plan and you will lose weight fast.
Mitchell Okotie is a certified professional trainer, who has helped thousands of people over the past fourteen years, lose weight fast and get in shape since 1998.
For more great tips on exercise, diet and motivation, you can download his" free report guide" on fast weight loss at

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