Most people know enough about the repercussions of being fat, unfit or eating unhealthy foods which can cause metabolic disorder and cause weight gain. Though most people read about healthy food options to include in their diet and presume to have fixed all the factors for weight loss but yet weight loss seems not to happen.
Did you fix quitting junk food that adds only calories, fats and not nutrition?
Have you started eating foods that are healthier than what you were eating earlier?
You are reading the best of advices and following them as well but the outcome is not satisfying. Where are you going wrong? What do you do to make your weight loss happen and not get fat? Fix those loopholes and correct them to lose weight.
It's not just about eating the right amount of calories; it is about ensuring you meet the daily nutritional requirement for a healthy a metabolic rate. Read the following factors which are probably holding you back from losing weight -
Fluids: Do not drink energy drinks, iced teas, lemon drinks, sodas and sweetened beverages in lots of quantity instead drink water throughout the day. Do you know how many packets of sugar these pre-packaged drinks add to your diet even if they are being marketed as healthy products? These drinks might even sabotage your fitness routine by increasing your daily intake of required calories. Instead, stick to water to rev up metabolism and keep the body hydrated. Water does not contain any calories and pre-loading with water before a meal can help you lose weight faster.
Food Portions: You feel unsatisfied when you eat small meals. Large meals make more calorie intake which is over your daily nutritional requirement and gets saved as fat. Start eating in small plates, chew your food slowly and stop eating once you feel full.
Dietary Fiber: Fiber helps in better digestion of food and absorbs lots of water from the body. So, if you have more water retention in your body then starts adding fiber to your diet. Fiber also keeps you feel fuller for a longer time without adding any extra calories.
Regular Exercise: Exercise boosts the weight loss process. You eat food as per your requirement which might help you lose weight but without exercise it is very difficult to lose weight or the weight will go off very slowly. Daily Exercises accelerate the calories burn in the body and give quicker results. As more muscles helps to burn more calories, doing regular exercises develop more muscles in your body.
Missing Meals: Some people miss meals to fasten their weight loss presuming to save calories for the day. Missing meals makes the body go in the starvation mode where the body burns reserves energy at slow rate. One should eat his/her meals on time else one would miss on the nutrition for that meal. Eating the next meal after a missed meal makes you consume more calories since you feel hungrier, and those calories ultimately get saved as extra calories in your body.
Cheat Meals: It is alright to have a cheat meal once or twice a week but if you are cheating more unhealthy meals for healthy meals then you are reducing your chances of losing fat. It disrupts the weight loss process as the body takes time to adjust to a pattern before showing results.
How to lose weight is a frequent question posed by people to lose their weight but they are not sure how to go about it. A healthy weight loss plan is always advisable for people who are not sure about various major factors which play role in getting quick and effective weight loss results. This helps people stay motivated and get long-term results.
I am a nutrition and fitness enthusiast at Fitho Wellness. I help people with natural weight loss diets. I want people to have better knowledge about healthy diet plans and effective weight loss techniques.

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