Your diet during your pregnancy is important to make sure that you remain healthy and that you don’t gain too much weight so that losing pregnancy weight becomes easier. A healthy diet is also important so that your child develops and grows healthy. The birth weight of your baby is often an indication of its health. You do not want to give birth to a baby that is underweight nor overweight and a balanced diet is key.
A healthy diet means a healthy mother and a healthy baby. This isn’t breakthrough news but new evidence is explaining just how important having a controlled balanced diet is. Scientists have shown that your diet not only can affect your baby’s development but your diet can actually alter your baby’s genes. This will affect the baby’s development not only in the womb but for his or her whole life.
In a recent study from Cambridge, scientists have shown that a poor diet can alter a gene in the baby which control the production of insulin. This leads these children to be at a much higher risk of diabetes. You can read more information about this .
In another study, it was found that there was increased blood flow of children whose mothers that were too slim or that ate a poor diet during their pregnancy. This increased blood flow can increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes later on in the child’s life. Find more information about this study .
Having a balanced and healthy diet is so important not only for the mother but also for the developing child. Make sure that you are eating right. It will help your baby’s development and it will make sure that you are healthy to lose the pregnancy weight after giving birth.

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